10 “of the things I think, say, or do” Resolutions for 2024

I resolve To be grateful, and to express it often.

Submitted By: Chuch Root

I resolve:

1. To protect people in my thoughts, and when I have thoughts about others that are not in keeping with the 4-way test, I correct myself.

2. To make it a point to think positive thoughts about others.

3. To practice thoughts of how to increase my own levels of respect for others, and how I might go about showing that respect.

4. To speak only positively of others,

5. To speak about others in ways that helps others to increase their self-esteem.

6. To be empathetic and supportive to those who are hurting, sad, or suffering.

7. To be grateful, and to express it often.

8. To be generous with my time and resources.

9. To set the best example I can for others.

10. To continually seek Peace on Earth!!!

Rotary Action Group for Peace.

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