365 days of Invincibility” opened in Cherkasy

the center of the installation was the bloody heart "War is pain" it is like the heart of Ukraine - mutilated, torn, but alive.
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Dan Smith

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Today, in the center of Cherkassy, a thematic installation called “365 Days of Invincibility” was installed, which was created especially for the day of the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Cherkasy City Council informs about this.



So, in one of the city’s central squares, 365 spent shell casings were installed, from which sunflowers sprout. These shells represent every day that the enemy has shelled our cities, our land, and these flowers are chosen because they are the personification of peace and prosperity, new hope and life.


War is a terrible word, and even more terrible is the evil that it means. We will remember February 24, 2022 forever, because we woke up in a different world, where due to unmotivated aggression, one country can attack another, completely peaceful one.

However, we – Ukrainians – surprised the whole world with our indomitably, because we came to the defense of our country almost bare-handed. We forced the whole world to reread history textbooks once again and realize that good must be armed and determined. We continue to fight for the state, our principles, our native homes, and even our enemy already understands that we will win.

It should be noted that the center of the installation was the bloody heart “War is pain” by Cherkasy sculptor Roman Turetsky. In turn, it is like the heart of Ukraine – mutilated, torn, but alive.



The thematic installation will operate for 3 days as a reminder of the indomitably and courage of our people in the struggle for the right to live freely in their free country. So everyone who wants to can visit it to feel that the irresistible force of life cannot be killed or stopped, it will still grow, even through death.

Editor Note: We will be in Chekrkasy on March 8 – 9 meeting with Rotarian Tatiana Ocheret the team leader. Broadcast live and on-demand. Please join us.

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