Membership Forum is Tuesday, Nov. 17th Will Focus on Hybrid Meetings

by Chris Waugh

The next District Membership Forum is Tuesday, November 17th at 10am. As requested by the participants last month, we will focus on “Hybrid Meetings.” This is an opportunity for us to learn some new concepts, and share our challenges, and solutions.

This month’s facilitator is Corey Lopardi, who is District 5020 Membership Chair and Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zones 26 & 27. His goal is to grow Rotary and to strengthen districts and clubs like ours. Corey is perfectly positioned to facilitate the topic of hybrid meetings because of his business. He owns Pardiman Productions, and works a lot in the field of video. In the age of COVID, where in-person meetings are difficult and uncomfortable for many, the use of videos in hybrid meetings can help our clubs thrive. He will include some equipment ideas, methods, and documentation in his part of the program.

The District Membership Forum is held every third Tuesday at 10am, and focuses on a topic chosen by the participants from the last forum. For more information, contact Christine Waugh at

Link to meeting: