5110 Biz of the Week: Tom Nichols, RE Broker in Redmond

by PDG Bill Grile

In 1911, Paul Harris wrote that Life in Rotary should be a rational mixture of business, civic activities, and good fellowship. He launched Rotary for like-minded business professionals to amplify their fellowship and through Rotary, to strengthen businesses as well as communities.

The D5110 Rotary Business Network (RBN) builds on these core principles established over a century ago. After all, wouldn’t you rather do business with a Rotarian?

This week D5110 salutes a relatively new Rotarian, Central Oregon Real Estate Broker Tom Nichols. Sponsored by Redmond Rotary Past President Marv Kaplan, Tom moved to Central Oregon in 1993 after graduating from Pepperdine University. Tom began a career as a general contractor, then transitioned into real estate. He stresses the importance of building relationships to help clients achieve dreams. Learn more about Tom at https://rotarybusinessnetwork.org/business-listing/tom-nichols-real-estate-broker-central-oregon/
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