A Good Death

The "Death Positivity Movement", the environment, and equity

What is a good death? How can we die in harmony with the natural world? What is “funeral poverty”? What is a green burial?

The Order of the Good Death is an NGO dedicated to solving problems, not just critiquing the status quo or pondering existential questions. Their mission? “Building a meaningful, eco-friendly, and equitable end of life.” They are a solutions-based part of the Death Positive Movement, believing that “it is not morbid or taboo to speak openly about death. They see honest conversations about death & dying as the cornerstone of a healthy society.”

The $20 billion funeral industry can privatize grief and profit off of it while it “distances us from natural processes and poisons the earth.” The Order of the Good Death is committed to healthy grieving, the environment, and to equity for all people.

We as a society tend not to think or talk openly about death. So it is not surprising that we know so little about how our current practices are harming the environment and that “the ability to obtain a good death differs drastically across race, gender, and socioeconomic lines.”

Join the Rotary Club of Eugene Metropolitan Tuesday night, April 18th, 2023 at 6 pm Pacific to talk about some things we don’t normally talk about – to learn more about accessing a good death, death positivity, and living without fear.

Comment below for Metro’s permanent Zoom link or join us for dinner in downtown Eugene at The Davis Restaurant.

While we do not record all meetings, all recordings we do have can be viewed on our Eugene Metro Rotary YouTube channel.

As always, all are welcome!

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