An Open Letter PolioPlus Society Members

As we reflect upon the past year of service, we are most grateful to have shared it with each of you.

To PolioPlus Society Members

With all the leaps forward and stumbles backwards and jumps sideways, I keep my focus on being proud, ambitious, and building our rhythm. It requires ongoing commitment, focus and determination. It requires rest and quick rebounds when it gets hard. It requires empathy and fight in equal measure.

This District is very proud of your commitment, the leadership is very proud of your ability to be givers of your time and talents; and we are extremely proud of your consistent willingness to be donors towards this worthy cause.

As my personal duties continue to build as your future District Governor in 2024 – 2025, we have identified a new District PolioPlus Society Chair:  Jane Falls.  She will start getting herself acclimated into this role beginning January 2023.  I can confidently state that she has the passion and drive to carry this movement forward and together will we win, and Polio will lose.

As we reflect upon the past year of service, we are most grateful to have shared it with each of you. While our celebrations at this time may differ, our passion for service to humanity unites us always. We are blessed with your friendship and support and look to the future with hope and optimism. Together, we imagine Rotary making an even greater difference in the year ahead. May the joys of the season of goodwill be yours.

Nelson Maler
District PolioPlus Chair
District Governor Nominee

2 Responses

  1. I am a bit daunted to follow in Nelson’s very capable footsteps! AND I am excited by the opportunity to get to know more of you throughout our district as we work together to END POLIO!

  2. Nelson, your energy and enthusiasm for Polio Plus have been a really positive force in District 5110 giving. Although you might have tough shoes to fill, I can’t imagine a better person to whom you could pass the torch than Jane Falls. She will be GREAT in that role!

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