Bakhmut – Convoy to Hell

Meet Oksana, an unassuming woman and mother with a heart of gold, and incredible courage.
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The Ukrainian people are determined to control their own destiny. Just like any sovereign country in the world. And they are willing to die to protect that right.

Tatiana, the Rotarian and journalist in Cherkasy, arranged an incredible day for us, visiting the volunteer centers so we can get to know the heart of the Ukrainian people. The day turned out to be even more spectacular that anyone had expected.

Meet Oksana, an unassuming woman and mother with a heart of gold, and incredible courage. We had the opportunity to talk with Oksana in the volunteer center as they were getting ready for a midnight supply run into Bakhmut, the city that has been under siege for months. This trip is to deliver food, medical supplies and trenching material. The school children drew pictures and they will hand them out to the solders.

She has gone on over 600 missions since the war began in 2014.

In one day we meet with Oksana and her team, learned how to make camouflage and sniper suits, saw how you can turn Russian bomb shells into art, experienced how the community is helping refugee children cope with the trauma of war, had an impromptu concert in the parking lot, and sang the Ukrainian National Anthem on the front steps. All of this so you can see the heart and courage of the Ukrainian people. And that is just the beginning.

We have a terabyte of videos, photos and stories to share with you, that is a lot of data, and it is all for you.

How you can see all the videos.

YouTube does not allow videos with children. But children are critical to the future of Ukraine and their story needs to be told. We always get permission before filming. In some cases,’ it is dangerous to show faces. For example in the Kherson region there are volunteers who are hiding sixty orphans from the Russians behind enemy lines.

These videos have to be published on our own website and you will never see them on YouTube. So please visit and sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss a single part of this incredible story.

Stay tuned.

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