Blind, World-Class Paralympian to Motivate Eugene Metro–Here’s Your Invite

by Heather Edwards

Some people’s ambition and vision are bigger than their own bodies. You are invited to join the Eugene Metro club next Tuesday, September 8 to experience the ambition and unstoppable vision of three-time world champion Lex Gillette – the most success completely blind long jumper and triple jumper in the history of U.S. Paralympics.

He is a four-time Paralympian, a 14-time national champion, and the only totally blind athlete to pass the 22-foot mark in the long jump. But clearing 22 feet isn’t enough for Lex – he’s already written his first book and is now working on releasing his first album.

“Doors open” at 5:50 pm.¬†Please come ready to catch fire with this author, musician and athlete. Fair warning – his motivation is contagious!