October 17, 2022

Take action for World Polio Day!
In her World Polio Day message, Rotary International President Jennifer...
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Stop Polio NOW!
Listen to this compelling interview with the global Polio Plus team.
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What is Redmond Club's Membership Secret?
How do you go from a flailing club to wildly successful in just a few years?...
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More on the Ukraine Mobile Medical Units
From Oregon to Silicon Valley in CA to Italy to Ukraine…Rotary connections...
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What is the Zone?
Around the globe, Rotary is divided into 34 geographic zones, which are...
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Paul Harris Dinner Serves Recognition, Fellowship & Stories
Friendship, Gratitude, and Votes for Peace grace the Paul Harris Dinner...
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Austrian Rotary member wins Nobel Prize in physics
Anton Zeilinger, a member of the Rotary Club of Wien-West in Austria, was...
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