‘Tis the Season for Service

Join your fellow Rotarians next year in Colima, Mexico

When the mayor DJs your Christmas party, you know you’re in one of two places: either a small town or a very supportive community.

Project Amigo is thriving in the heart of both.

Every year they host a Christmas Fiesta Service Week and this year Rotarians from 5110, Alaska, and two different Canadian districts came together to serve, learn, and celebrate.

Rotarians brought warm clothes, vests, jackets, hats, and knit headbands for the migrant community in Quesería, Colima, Mexico. It’s easy to forget how cold it can get in different parts of Mexico, particularly in higher elevations – like where a lot of sugarcane is cultivated in this agricultural region.

The donations of warm new clothes came from the Rotary Club of Eugene Southtowne, whose members have long been dedicated to this comprehensive scholarship program.

The Christmas Fiesta Week always culminates in a party for around 300 primary students sponsored by Rotarians from all over the world. This year, Santa was joined by a juggling luchador, and two dancing cartoon characters. Many of the students were wearing their warm new clothes as it gets chilly in the mornings and evenings.

Students each took their shot at ten different piñatas handmade by volunteers, they played musical chairs, and danced until the school buses took them back home to the different rural communities Project Amigo serves with education centers and scholarships. And this year volunteers also got to enjoy live mariachi music and folkloric dancers performing traditional dances from the neighboring states of Colima and Michoacán.

If you’d like to support young scholars in ending generational poverty through education, find out more about taking vacations that will change their lives – and yours.

Click here to find your perfect Service Week next year.

Image description: A primary school boy is wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans. He is swinging a pink wooden stick toward a donkey-shaped piñata. He is smiling at an outdoor community center with children lined up behind him watching and waiting for their turns.

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