DACdb Tips for Membership Support

Join us next Tuesday, September 20th, for our DACdb Tips for Membership Support with Steven Matthes at our District Membership Forum.
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Chris Waugh

District Governor Nominee and Owner of Leader Support Service, providing business consulting and leadership development.

DACdb can be a Membership Chair’s best friend for the help it gives you in communicating with your people. You can also use some tips and tricks to make it easy.

Let’s talk about that next Tuesday, September 20th, at the District Membership Forum. It’s at 10 am, and on zoom. Steven Matthes, our District DACdb guru (not his actual title) will walk us through the basics and show us how easy DACdb is for pmails and tracking statistics. 

The District Membership Forum is held every third Tuesday at 10 am and focuses on a topic chosen by the participants. Registration is never necessary – just zoom in to join. Next Monday, the zoom link will be sent to Club Presidents, Presidents-Elect, and Membership Chairs to share with anyone in their club who is interested in m Membership. For more information, contact Christine Waugh.

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  1. Christine, I am a new secretary for our Medford Rotary group. Can I be added to the mailing list for the Zoom link for next Tuesday’s meeting? And for any other communications that would be good for secretaries and membership people to know about?

    Eddie Wallace

  2. Hi, I am Shelli Hope Davis, and I am the Secretary for The Jesup Rotary Club, Jesup, Georgia, and need assistance with new membership packets. I have asked several members, past presidents, and no one is able to help. We have new potential members, and they are asking for a new member packet. Are you ablet to help with gathering information to provide to them?

    Thank you, Shelli

    1. Good morning, Shelli from Jesup, Georgia! While every club has its own process and supporting documents for new/potential members, I find the new member packet from Russell Hampton to be helpful – especially their “Rotary Basics” booklet. The information in their folder is professional, yet general. You would probably want to augment it with some specifics for your club, such as your service projects, dues, committee structure, etc. Hope this helps!

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