Elder Eagle Speaker, Residential Schools and Reconciliation

Join Metro Tuesday, September 20th at 6 pm Pacific

Casey Eagle Speaker was four years old when he was taken from his family in the Blood Tribe of the Kainai Nation. He survived. Thousands of children did not.

Please join your fellow Rotarians this Tuesday, September 20th at 6 pm Pacific to learn more about Elder Eagle Speaker’s experiences in Canada’s residential schools and to hear him speak about reconciliation.

Because of the deeply personal and traumatic nature of his story, we ask that everyone who is able to attend please plan ahead to minimize distractions and be as fully present as possible.

Multitasking, even on Zoom, does not pass The Four-Way Test for a topic this sensitive.

Although we have all gotten used to Zoom and hybrid meetings, please approach this meeting just as we would if Elder Eagle Speaker were sitting at our own kitchen table sharing his story with us.

Virtual speakers deserve the same respect and attention as in-person speakers.

Thank you, truly, for helping us to show reverence for his generosity and vulnerability in sharing his important story with strangers through a computer.

And a final housekeeping detail – because we only have 5-10 minutes for Q&A, please make any questions as succinct as possible. If you don’t have a question but would like to share your comments or feedback please feel free to put them in the chat box.

Thank you, hope to see all who can make it for this very special presentation!

Image description: Black and white photo of a large group of First Nations children taken from their families at St. Paul’s Residential School in Alberta, Canada