Environmental Hybrid Summits

Free educational talks from field experts

Rotary Big West Zones 26/27 in collaboration with ESRAG Big West Chapter have organized a line up of environmental summits on Saturday, Sept 10th at 9am. 

Healthy Soils                                                                                                                Learn about the importance of healthy soils in our food production.  Register at: https://rotarysummits.com/soils/

Water: Source to Sea                                                                                                  Learn about the crucial link between water and planetary health.           Register at: https://rotarysummits.com/water/ 

Green Transportation and Clean Energy                                                     Discussion about the present and future green transportation and alternative fuel solutions to create healthier and sustainable communities and mitigate the climate crisis from policy, technology, practice, and equity. Register at: https://esrag.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZHmWewEeRKSNxlYXqUnF3w 

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