Ex-Offenders Deserve a Chance

Come learn the top ten reasons Opportunity Oregon recommends businesses hire rehabilitated offenders

Ex-offender Nancy Pance is now the co-founder of the successful employment recruitment agency Opportunity Oregon.

Did you know that 70 million Americans have a criminal record?

Did you know that people who’ve completed their sentences for felonies are three to five times more likely to be unemployed after?

Does incarceration “work” if people can’t start over once they’ve served their time?

Friends, you are all welcome to join Eugene Metro online or at The Davis to learn more about Opportunity Oregon – “Everyone deserves a chance after paying their debt to society, and hiring ex-offenders strengthens companies, communities, families and the economy. Our mission is to help employers see these benefits, and send them the rehabilitated people who will prove it.”

We meet Tuesday night, July 19th at 6 pm Pacific. 

Email heather.m.edwards@gmail for Metro’s permanent Zoom link or have dinner with us in downtown Eugene to support one of our favorite local businesses.