IMAGINE PEACE: A Rotary World Cafe

Big West Zone 26/27 Institute Caps Off the Trails to Peace theme with a Rotary World Cafe Experience for 500 Rotary Members.
Picture of Cindi O'Neil

Cindi O'Neil

District Rotary Foundation Chair

After two days of journeys into stories around personal Trails to Peace, from indigenous reconciliation to the evolution of democracy of Ukraine, the Zone 26/27 program team capped off the institute with a Rotary World Café. Set in the context of IMAGINE PEACE, our hosts from Belgium, California and Minnesota led 500-plus Rotary members through a series of questions to create meaningful dialogue for peace-building.

Session leader Michaela Seih’s left hand rose and there was silence. Amy Lenzo, World Café Host, described etiquette for inclusive conversations. The first question was posed to 125 café tables of four Rotary members each: “Tell us about a time when you felt personally at peace.” In an instant the room became a buzz of stories. And at the last, silence again, then the final question: “What is ours to do together?”  At the culmination of the 3-hr event, Viola Clark, the graphic interpreter, revealed in a stunning drawing depicting our collective wisdom.

We invite you to download a print quality of the Harvest graphic as a reminder of your personal commitments to future Peace.

Here is the word cloud. In a word cloud the larger the word the more it was selected.

If you want to take a deeper dive, you can Download the Rotary World Cafe graphic, word cloud, and slide video.

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