Malawi – Medical Clinic Team

Lucinda’s red hair is a common attraction, especially for the children.
By Bruce Garrett The May 27th Rotary eClub State of Jefferson Member Meeting provided those attendees with a wonderful experience as eClub Rotarian Lucinda Kolo discussed her work in Malawi. Lucinda, a Medical Doctor, who along with ER nurses, pharmacists and others, visit four villages in Malawi to provide health care. The adventure starts with the arrival of the team at the Lilongwe International airport. This was the fifth year for the team who has established a rapport with the people from each of the villages. The lack of electricity, clean running water, and roads makes each visit a challenge. The team spends two days in each of the villages providing health care and education to the people. The travel accommodations are Spartan at best. Scabies, a common infection, requires treatment of the whole village at the same time. A village of 50 to 60 people will grow to hundreds as news spreads. Outside clinics are common. The insides of buildings are dark without electricity. Lucinda’s red hair is a common attraction, especially for the children. The girl behind Lucinda is fingering a lock of Lucinda’s hair as another child decides whether to touch or not. The lack of roads presents “opportunities” as the team traverses through fields from one village to another. The team and villagers leave the truck and hike to the next village located behind the hill. The water bucket filters and other supplies are carried in by hand. Thank you Lucinda for sharing your experiences.

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