People of Action!

Protecting our environment, one creek at a time

You wouldn’t think picking up garbage on a Saturday morning would be such a fun way to spend time with your friends but that’s what happens when you combine fellowship with service above self. (We recommend enjoying the homemade lemon poundcake and raspberry jam *before* you put on your gloves and get dirty :))

You never know what you’ll pull out of Amazon Creek but you can be sure you’re helping the environment by keeping this beautiful little ecosystem free of debris.

This morning Chris Hazen hauled a rusty metal bed frame out from under the Oak Patch bike path. A few of our longtime volunteers always wear their rainboots so they can step into the creek itself but Ruben Garcia always wears his hip waders. Together we got the banks and the creek clear of clothes, bottles, cigarette butts, syringes, and all kinds of trash.

Rotarians are more than just hashtags, aren’t we?

The Rotary Club of Eugene Metro has partnered with the City of Eugene for years to do our quarterly Stream Team cleanup. We love contributing even in small part to keeping this community “Bluegene”.

Thank you to Laura Macagno-Shang for coordinating this fun opportunity for us to serve!

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  1. Nice article reflecting good wood! Evidence that ripples really can lead to waves! Thank you Heather and Laura!

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