Networking for Introverts

Do you cringe at the thought of attending one of those networking events? This is about networking for introverts.
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Chris Waugh

District Governor Nominee and Owner of Leader Support Service, providing business consulting and leadership development.

Do you cringe at the thought of attending one of those networking events? Too many business professionals would rather throw money into advertising when there is a less expensive way to increase their contacts and network. People relate to and connect with people they know and trust. So this is about networking for introverts – and all of us when we don’t feel up to doing it.

Networking isn’t difficult like making a soufflé. It’s easy. You can improve your skills, and start improving your relationships today. And, by the way, many of these skills will help in your personal lives.

If you master networking skills, people will seek you out because they like you, respect you, and know you. And they know that you respect and know them, too. So if you hate networking, try these nine tips to help you build rapport with the people you meet:

  • Dress to fit in with your peers and customers, but dress up slightly so they feel special.
  • Keep your focus on others, not on yourself.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – circulate in groups, and meet new people.
  • Listen, look for and find something fascinating about everyone you meet.
  • Learn to initiate a handshake (or elbow bump,) which is the business version of interpersonal touch.
  • Actually look at, and comment on, the business cards you get from other professionals.
  • Lavish appreciation on people for the work they do – nobody feels over-appreciated for their efforts.
  • Practice your skills at introducing other professionals to one another.
  • Mirror the level of intensity of others to really increase rapport.

Increase your efforts at networking. Those skills will not only help your club and your business, but they will also lend wings to your success. You haven’t peaked yet!

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