Call for Nominating Committee

Pursuant to Article VI of our District 5110 policy, I hereby open the official call for nomination for members to serve on our District Nominating Committee
DG Aimee Walsh

DG Aimee Walsh

Aimee Walsh, 5110 District Governor 2022-23

Dear Rotarians:

Pursuant to Article VI of our District 5110 policy, I hereby open the official call for nomination for members to serve on our District Nominating Committee to help select the District Governor that will serve for the Rotary year 2026-27.

If you meet the qualifications listed below and wish to be considered, please email your name and club to me at


The District Nominating Committee shall consist of seven (7) persons who are members in good standing of Rotary Clubs in District 5110 and who reside within the boundaries of the District, three of whom shall be the last three (3) Past District Governors of this District.  The other four members of the committee shall be persons who have served as Assistant Governor or Rotary Club President in District 5110, to be selected as set forth in section 2 of this Article VI.  The chair of the Nominating Committee shall be the Past District Governor whose term as District Governor was served prior in time to the other members thereof.

This section sets forth the procedure for selecting the four members of the nominating committee who are not Past District Governors; qualifications of the candidates; limitations on their terms of service; and designation of areas from which members are elected.  The provisions of this section do not apply to Past District Governors serving on the committee.The district shall be divided into four (4) areas with approximately equal numbers of Rotarians, each of which shall elect one member of the nominating committee.

Initially, the areas are designated as follows:

  • Area One: Benton, Linn, Jefferson, Crook and Deschutes counties;
  • Area Two: Lincoln and Lane counties;
  • Area Three: Jackson and Siskiyou counties;
  • Area Four: Douglas, Coos, Curry, Josephine, Klamath and Lake Counties.

To maintain approximate equality of numbers of Rotarians among the areas, the areas may be changed from time to time by resolution duly submitted and adopted at a District Conference, such resolution to be voted upon only by certified electors at the conference. The elections committee shall compile, by area, short biographical sketches of Leadership Academy graduates who are eligible and willing to serve on the nominating committee. No less than thirty days prior to the opening day of the District Conference at which the election for members of the Nominating Committee will occur, names and biographical information on all eligible and willing candidates shall be emailed to area clubs and the District Governor.

Eligible candidates shall be individuals who have served as Assistant Governor or as Rotary Club President within the seven-year period prior to the year in which the nominating committee will meet and have graduated from the District Leadership Academy or RLI.”

If only one eligible and willing candidate is available from an area, the District Governor shall certify that candidate as a member of the nominating committee.  If more than one candidate is available from an area, the member of the nominating committee shall be determined by an election at the District Conference in the Rotary year prior to the member’s term of service on the committee.  Voting shall be by the certified electors from the area that has more than one candidate. Balloting shall be by the single transferable ballot system.  The candidate receiving a majority of the votes shall be elected.  The voting shall take into account the second and subsequent choices where necessary.  Each club shall have the number of votes as determined under Section 15.050.1 of the Bylaws of Rotary International.  All votes from a club with more than one vote shall be cast for the same candidate.

An individual selected for the nominating committee pursuant to this Article shall serve a one-year term.  No such individual may serve more than three (3) one-year terms.

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