Official Call for Nominations for District Governor

An invitation to submit potential candidates for our District Governor that will serve in the RI Year 2025-2026.
Rick Olson

Rick Olson

PDG, District Governor Nominating Chair 2022

Official District Governor Call For Nominations – You are receiving this notice to help identify potential candidates within our Rotary District to serve as our D5110 District Governor for the year July 1, 2025 until June 30, 2026.

On behalf of the D5110 DG Nominating Committee, we wish to extend an invitation to you to submit potential candidates for our District Governor that will serve in the RI Year 2025-2026.

As required by our District Policy manual, a formal call for nominations shall be sent to each president of every Rotary club in our district. The deadline for filing your form with the District Nominating Committee and District Leadership is midnight, October 5th, 2022.

Our District policy states:

The President of any Club wishing to place the name of one of its members in nomination for District Governor Nominee Designate shall file with all members of the Nominating Committee, the District Governor, the District Governor Elect and the District Governor Nominee a Resolution of the Club, adopted at a regular meeting of the Club, and properly certified by the Club secretary, naming such candidate and certifying that the candidate resides within the boundaries of District 5110 and meets the qualifications for District Governor Nominee as provided in Rotary International By-Laws Article 15.070 together with supplemental information limited to a picture of the candidate and biographic sketch of his/her personal and Rotary background.

We have attached a District Governor Nomination flier with information on the qualifications to serve as a District Governor and the district_governor-nominee_form_en3 formal filing forms from Rotary International that we will need.

Those candidates that file by the deadline will be asked to speak at our D5110 Foundation Dinner on Friday October 14, 2022 in Eugene. The interviews by the district nominating committee will be held on Saturday October 15th in Eugene around the District Grants meeting.

We will be holding a zoom meeting on Wednesday September 21, 2022  at 7:00 PM for anyone wishing to ask questions, or learn more about being a District Governor from a panel of those that have already served in the position.

We ask that you reach out to qualified Rotarians within your club, or even another club to help identify our future leader for our District 5110.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Rick Olson, PDG
DG Nominating Chair 2022
C: 541.954.4555

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