Rotary Grant Provides Seeds and Chickens!

Rural subsistence farmers in Kenya receive much needed nutritional help.
 By Anne Batzer

At least 215 Kenyan family members will benefit from the good nutrition provided by this grant.  This photo shows the great happiness and profound gratitude of the 43 subsistence farmers who recently received high quality vegetable seeds and two chickens each.

These farmers are the parents and guardians from the partnering organization, the Makena Children’s Foundation (MCF). MCF’s mission says that education is the most sustainable path out of poverty. This nonprofit organizations has, for 25 years, connected rural Kenyan children with American sponsors who pay for an excellent education.  Often, when a child is brought into the Foundation, his/her hair is a reddish hue—a sure sign of poor nutrition.

This $2,500.00 grant will help these parents and guardians to provide better nutrition for their families.  High quality seeds for crops these farmers know how to grow—corn, beans, carrots and various greens such as spinach and kale—were provided.  Along with the seeds, each family received two chickens, for eggs that will provide much-needed protein.

23 of Kenya’s 47 counties are in severe drought conditions, causing malnutrition and even starvation.  Fortunately, these Kenyan families live in a rural area called Maraigushu, near Naivasha, where there continues to be some rain to grow these life-saving crops. This grant will boost nutrition and save lives!

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  1. Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala, an Oregon nonprofit supported by private donors and several clubs, provides chickens and feed to needy Maya families in remote villages of the western highlands each Christmas. Thank You!

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