Springfield Rotary to Host Holocaust Survivor April 19

Bernard Offen, 94-yr-old survivor of 5 concentration camps, will visit Springfield Rotary via Zoom on Wednesday April 19 at noon.

By Rae LaMarche

As Rotarians, we have an obligation to learn from the past and to Create Hope in the World for the future. Tuesday, April 18 is Holocaust Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the Uprising in the Warsaw ghetto.

My cousin, Bernard Offen, was just 11 years old when the Nazis arrived in Krakow. He spent 5 years in the Krakow ghetto and 5 different concentration camps including Auschwitz, before his liberation on May 5, 1945. Anger, luck, and hope kept him alive.

“The Nazi army entered Krakow on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 1939… Life changed completely. The SS would bring big trucks to our neighborhood… and drive away with their human cargo. We never saw those people again.” (Sam Offen, brother)

Bernard has dedicated his life to sharing his story as a Holocaust survivor.

Please come to Rotary this week with questions. His stories will be revealed through interaction with your questions.

If you would like to join us please contact Rae LaMarche, lamarcher@comcast.net for the Zoom link.

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