The History of Polio

Without Rotarians driving this cause, Polio will come back

Now we are squarely focused on the need to educate and actively fund raise to help eradicate Polio from the world. Without Rotarians driving this cause, Polio will come back. We can win and accomplish the goal that was started nearly 40 years ago, but it will take everyone’s effort. Please join me and the other 3,000 Rotarians in our district and let’s focus on making this month’s PolioPlus activities known, dramatic and productive. We have set a $20,000 goal for the ourselves for this month and will monitor the progress throughout the month. I am confident we can achieve this goal, so let’s get to work and make it happen.

The Washington Post takes you on an interactive journey through time to explore the history of Polio and the vaccine that nearly eradicated it.

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  1. Nelson Maler,
    This is a VERY interesting and compelling article in the Washington Post. I hope all Rotarians in D5110 are encouraged to take just a moment to experience this trip through recent history!
    Joe Vincent, D5110 AG

  2. I plan to make my $100 PolioPlus Society donation in October. Thanks for the link to the history of Polio.

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