The World Needs You. Sponsor a Global Grant.

Two hundred Clubs from around the world are looking for Global Grant partners. You can find them on the Rotary International website.
Cindi O'Neil

Cindi O'Neil

District Rotary Foundation Chair

In a recent survey at our last District Quarterly Grants Meeting members asked how to find international projects and partners.  Here’s one way.  On the RI website under the heading “Take Action” you can browse projects in the Rotary Showcase that need international partners for Global Grants. Find your Global Grant partner here.

Guess what? There are 200 Global Grants listed there that are looking for funding partners: water faucets for a school in the Philippines, composting toilets in Bolivia, a new roof for a school for disabled children in Nigeria, rickshaws to help women develop their businesses in India, and much more. Most of the international hosts have done their Community Assessment and are in need of an International Partner to lead and fund the project with them.  Virtually every country in the Rotary world is looking for global partners.  If your Club seeks to reengage in international service, host a Club meeting, check out the projects needing partners, and forward your idea to our Global Grants Chair Juli Di Chiro at  Our next Grants Meeting is October 15, 2022.  Juli would love to talk to you about your project at least a month before you propose it to District 5110.  The world needs you.

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