These are the voices of Rotary

These are the voices of Rotary that change lives
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Dan Smith

A passion for podcasting to tell the world about the great things Rotary is doing.

Two years ago we captured the essence of Rotary and what was going on at the time. Here is a short video of some of those projects. A little time tripping as we begin a New Year

Our vision

These are the voices of Rotary.
The voices that tell our stories.
The voices that share our “why.”
The voices that make our lives matter.
The voices that relieve suffering and anguish.
These are the voices of Rotary that change lives.
Take a listen.

Many thanks to the dedicated Rotarians who gave up their time to collect these wonderful stories. They are a permanent record in the long and continuing history of Rotary. Have a great Holiday.

2 Responses

  1. Rotary is about sharing – let’s keep the stories going!
    And add VOICES to the category list in the newsletter and on the website.

  2. Emily, it certainly is a good way to preserve our Rotary heritage. There were so many great projects this year and even more next year, wouldn’t it be great to save them for future generations? Whether audio or video, if there is enough interest maybe we can dust off the mics, crank up the cameras and have one heck of a year end montage to celebrate.

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