Your Community Needs You. Give to the Rotary Foundation.

Let's Pre-Position Ourselves to Fund Future Community Needs, with Gifts to the Rotary Foundation Now.
Picture of Cindi O'Neil

Cindi O'Neil

District Rotary Foundation Chair

Every three years your gifts to the Rotary Foundation, Annual Fund SHARE, return in part to fund the important work we do in our local communities today.  And if we had only gifted $100,000 more back then, we could have funded all the projects you identified this year as being critical needs in your communities.  Gifts to the Annual Fund Share three years ago are now funding $130,000 worth of critical needs in the areas of literacy, food insecurity for youth, maternal and child health, homelessness, economic development, clean water, and disease prevention.  These problems sound familiar don’t they? We are grateful for the funds we are now leveraging with Club funds to complete total project benefits of $234,000.

Unfortunately, $25,000 worth of your important community projects could not be funded. There was not enough Annual Fund dollars to go around.

This year, let’s pre-position ourselves to fund all the future needs in our local communities.  Please give generously this November, to support the Rotary Foundation!  Our target is $30,000.  Can you help?

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