Club Visioning:  Journey to Possibilities

Visioning gives a Rotary club continuity and consistency that leads to better communication

Paul Harris said:  “Rotary is not an organization for retrospection. It is one whose worth and purpose lie in future activity rather than past performance.”   In Paul Harris’s statement, he indicates that our future activity is our worth and purpose. He set the stage for us always to be mindful of where we are going as an organization. Therefore, for a club to do Visioning is to fulfill this statement of Paul Harris from so many years ago.

The Rotary Club of Springfield embraced this sentiment by holding a club Visioning event on Saturday, January 27, with twenty-six participants with a range of Rotary experiences, from a new member of eight months to established members with 40 years of service.  The club members focused on imagining how their club can sustain and increase membership, implement successful service projects, develop leaders in the club and beyond, and raise funds to support their work, as well as the Rotary Foundation.   These actions are what successful Rotary clubs do.

Interested in holding a Club Visioning event to help energize and create a more dynamic club?   Club Visioning is a living management tool. It helps a club define a shared commitment among those present at the event. It serves to provide a long-term direction for the club.  Visioning creates a framework for the club members to establish their shared goals and objectives over the next three years.  It also helps the club to optimize the resources that are not just in the club but also in their community and internationally as well.

For more information regarding scheduling a Visioning event, contact PDG Gerry Kosanovic: [email protected]

5 Responses

    1. Thanks, President Rae – you demonstrated commitment to the Rotary mission by ensuring member participation was at a high level. It was a good group and I had fun in the process. Onward!

  1. Thank you Gerry for hosting this event. So much brainstorming in such a short amount of time. I had to leave before the voting and it was very hard to not be able to vote.

    1. Mikayle – you and your colleagues did a great job imagining the future – the top ideas are worthy of building actionalble goals. Thanks for taking part.

  2. This short article is just an excellent statement of the value of visioning, Gerry! Clubs who really want to spread “Rotary Magic” in their communities should call you TODAY to set up a visioning event. What a fabulous service you provide to Rotary Clubs!

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