Create an Engaging Club Experience

Make the experience of membership in your club as engaging as possible to keep people involved and connected.
Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen

District 5110 Membership Chair, District Governor Designate and Past President of the Greater Albany Club

Start by using tools like the member satisfaction survey and the Club Health Check to assess your club. Determine what changes your club wants to make, and work with your fellow leaders to implement those changes.

Adjust the way your club operates as needed to continue to thrive. Research shows that clubs attract more members and engage them more effectively when they have the freedom to be flexible. Your club can become more flexible if that’s what members want. Consider these options:

Consider when and how often you meet. Ask members if the current meeting day, time, and frequency work well for them. You might meet less often, or more often at certain times. Or you could choose to have a mix of meeting times each month, or to meet differently at different times of year.

Schedule service projects or social events in place of some traditional club meetings.

Choose whether to meet exclusively in person or online, alternate between online and in-person meetings, or use both formats at the same time.

Consider whether different membership types, such as family, junior, or corporate memberships, would engage current and prospective members.

Survey members about what kinds of meetings and what meeting features appeal to them most.

Rotary clubs: Use the reports in Rotary Club Central to track your club’s membership trends and determine where to focus your efforts.

In general, get creative and have fun! Learn about how your club can be more flexible and find ideas in the Be a Vibrant Club guide. Work with your president and the administration committee to develop new structures or formats for your meetings, and then record the changes in your club’s bylaws.

4 Responses

  1. I especially like the Club Health Check – so many good ideas to take back to your club. Look for one idea that you can put to use now. We haven’t peaked yet!

  2. When I think of improving membership, I always turn to Be a Vibrant Club. Bruce has given us terrific advice for getting started, but if you want a more detailed road map to a thriving club this is the publication that will help you reach your destination. It’s an informative, quick read. . . .

    1. Thank you PDG Claudette! The link in the text to the Vibrant Club in the Rotary Learning Center is live so it is as easy as a click away to explore what is available MyRotary.

  3. Great ideas, Bruce. I really love both the Club Health Check and the Be a Vibrant Club guide. They are rich tools and a great place for clubs to start!

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