Data, AI, and the Power of Human Language

How does the language we choose to use affect how we communicate?

Harvard grad Jason Brooks has a passion for language. Almost twenty years into his career teaching Spanish, Mandarin, and mathematics, a pandemic forced education to go virtual. Although he initially felt disconnected from his students with their Zoom cameras and mics off, Brooks remembered his work with a linguistics research team when he was in graduate school.

He started using the data science and machine learning he was trained in to find ways to engage his students and encourage their interaction with each other. Suddenly, he found himself enjoying the virtual classroom as much as he had loved his deep connection with students in person.

The transformation he saw in his students gave him an idea. So he started a company.

You are invited to the Rotary Club of Eugene Metropolitan to meet this longtime educator turned founder and CEO of Harkness AI.

Tuesday, December 6th at 6 pm Pacific, he will share how his company analyzes language data in 27 countries from corporate meetings to classrooms to improve how people of all ages, cultures, and genders communicate. Learn how the words and phrases you choose help and hurt your communication.

You don’t want to miss this one, friends! Comment below for the Zoom link or have dinner with us and support local business in downtown Eugene at The Davis Restaurant.


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