DG Cindi O’Neil unveils the new Rotary Business Network

“I’m extremely pleased to announce that District 5110 has launched a re-branding of the D5110 B2B website: ROTARY BUSINESS NETWORK,” said District Governor Cindi O’Neil today.  “For far too long, Rotary has overlooked the important relationship between promoting local businesses and the ability of their Rotary owners and employees to support their communities through service,” she continued.

ROTARY BUSINESS NETWORK (RBN) has evolved from the District’s Business-To-Business Directory of businesses owned by or that employ D5110 Rotarians.  During times past, many clubs discouraged promotion of their members’ businesses, some even levying good-natured fines when a member would “shamelessly promote” his or her business during a meeting.  But without healthy local businesses, especially those owned or employing Rotary members, the important work that Rotary does at home and abroad is compromised.  “And, when I do business with a Rotarian, I know I am working with someone I can trust,” adds DG Cindi.

RBN moves forward with two main objectives.  The first is to continue highlighting the local businesses, and encouraging networking between Rotary-owned businesses that support the clubs of District 5110.  To this end, D5110 will continuing recognizing a Business of The Week.  The second is to provide business education and learning opportunities.  These will include FREE on line courses such as improving business visibility on GOOGLE, marketing, and podcasting.  A huge thank you to Dan Smith of the Rotary eClub of State of Jefferson for his creativity and hard work building this website.  Watch for details.

If you are a Rotarian and proud of your business, make sure it is listed on the RBN Directory.  Look here:  https://rotarybusinessnetwork.org/   If your business is not listed, it can be added by clicking here for a FREE listing:  https://rotarybusinessnetwork.org/pricing/   Upgrades for a modest fee are available.