Ditrict 5110 – Ukraine Mobile Medical Units

The war in Ukraine is terrible and too many people are dying because of lack of medical assistance
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Photo Credit: http://america.aljazeera.com Civilians are increasingly caught in the crossfire of civil war as the army marches on rebel-held Donetsk

The war in Ukraine is terrible and too many people are dying because of lack of medical assistance in the conflict areas, where hospitals and other medical institutions have been destroyed. This project is Mobile Emergency Clinics (MEC), that will be placed in occupied areas where they can save lives of any victims that can access the treatment there. These mobile emergency clinics will restore some capacity in the conflict areas where medical infrastructure no longer exists. They are intended to treat mainly the civilian population who have had to remain in the conflict zones and it is estimated that 80% of the civilian victims of the conflict can be treated in the units. The units are multi-functional to take injured people and abused women and can later be used to provide additional services, such as dental care.

The units are equipped with a clean water system that people in the conflict zones can avail themselves of potable water. In most of the conflict zones, there is no potable water, so each unit will have the capacity to provide pure drinking water to the community where it is located.

Each unit will also contain a 7.5 kW generator, with a fully operational electric system and backup, as well as its own internet connectivity.

These units are insulated so that they can function year-round. The frame of the unit is also reinforced in the frame and the exterior walls, for fire resistance and to withstand nearby explosions. They can easily be moved out of harm’s way.

The units are produced entirely in Ukraine, which supports the Ukrainian economy and provides jobs for civilians. 90% of the medical equipment that they will contain will be sourced in Ukraine, as well.

The units have an expected life of ten years and will be maintained or replaced as necessary by the Ukraine government.

Each unit will be staffed 24/7 by military doctors and other medical staff available in the community and each will be supplied on an ongoing basis by the Ukrainian government.

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