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One of my greatest Rotary experiences was traveling to India to give polio vaccination drops.

By Rae LaMarche

One of my greatest Rotary experiences was traveling to India to give polio vaccination drops during National Immunization Day, January 2020. Organized by District 5240 PDG Anil Garg, the experience was beyond compare. Our team included 4 people from District 5110, 2 members from Wisconsin, one from Washington and one from Simi Valley. We began as strangers and ended as close Rotary friends.

Anil is again organizing an NID trip to India in late January-February.  You will begin in Delhi, meeting first with the World Health Organization, Unicef, and important NID personnel. From there you will depart by train to your team location. At that location you will work with community volunteers, health workers, and medical personnel to support the work of the local community, with opportunities to both give vaccine drops and learn how the Indians manage the data of finding and vaccinating millions of children ages 0-5.  Other visits will include St. Stephen’s hospital in Delhi where there is a post polio ward and of course, the Taj Mahal.

I can tell you without hesitation that the trip is well organized and well managed. I am happy to speak with anyone who is considering this adventure.

Total cost of the trip is $3000-$3500.

Application deadline is November 17, 2023.

Contact Anil Garg: PDGAGarg@gmail.com  for the application materials



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  1. Tim and I concur, especially being able to witness how polio eradication has occurred in India with our partners in UNICEF, WHO, the Indian government and the many thousands of committed volunteers.

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