Engaging New Members

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Bruce Allen

District 5110 Membership Chair, District Governor Designate and Past President of the Greater Albany Club

New member orientation

Take the time to hold new member orientation sessions separate from your regular meetings in order to help new members learn more about Rotary and your club. In a smaller group like this, they can ask lots of questions.

An effective orientation can be the difference between someone who stays in Rotary for a year and someone who stays for life. This orientation can include:

Introducing New Members to Rotary: 
An Orientation Guide
Learn more about developing a new member orientation program and engaging new members from the start.


Involving new members and giving them a say in their club’s future will strengthen both the club and the members’ commitment to Rotary.

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  1. Bruce, this is a GREAT article. I hope you have lots of readers following up on your tips! I could not agree more with DGN Chris Waugh’s comment above. Let’s KEEP those new members!

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