The Environment: Is this part of your club’s future?

by Nikki Rizzardini, Rotary Club of Springfield Twin Rivers

In February 2018, then RI President Ian Riseley hosted an Environmental Sustainability and Peace Conference in beautiful Vancouver BC. I was delighted to encounter Cindi O’Neil at that conference and connect on our shared earthly interests. I knew then that come 2020-’21, I would be eager to engage with the District on Environmental projects. How timely that Rotary International has now incorporated Environmental Sustainability as an area of focus!

On behalf of District 5110, I invite you to share your passion for the natural world!  Share what you do as an individual and as a club to protect and enjoy the diverse beauty of our district. Help inspire and motivate your fellow Rotarians to engage in this fundamental avenue of service. Coming in July 2021, the Rotary Foundation will accept grant requests under Supporting the Environment focus. Start considering what kind of project your community could benefit from! Like the Lebanon Rotary Club who created a Pollinator Habitat Garden.

Check out the ESRAG website for ideas

  • Partner with existing local organizations to advance environmental health
  • Plant trees!
  • Adopt a river: measure and improve water quality
  • Talk to your friends near and far about eco-friendly living practices
  • Choose low waste or zero waste options for your next social gathering
  • Consider making your next international project hydro or solar powered – or retrofit an existing system!

“Adding this seventh focus strengthens all the others. It gives Rotarians across the world tools to mitigate and prevent disasters, and to escalate the impact of work being achieved in peace-building, reducing conflict, preventing and treating disease, providing safe water, improving maternal and child health, enhancing education, and promoting community economic development.” Ingrid Hesser, the Co-Chair of Europe’s Regional Chapter of the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group.  (Pictured left is Nikki Rizzardini and DG Cindi O’Neil.)