Grant in a Box Update

D5110 was the first grant approved by TRF and has been followed by 20 other grants
LeAnn Mobley

LeAnn Mobley

Grants Subcommittee Chair

Update:  At the October 2022, at the grant meeting and Foundation dinner in Eugene, a global grant project to fund 2 mobile emergency clinics for Ukraine was proposed and approved.  Very quickly, in amazing Rotary fashion,  $17,400 was raised from over 32 individuals and 5 Rotary clubs to a fund $75,000 global grant project  for 2 of the mobile clinics.

D5110 was the first grant approved by TRF and has been followed by 20 other grants, all identical,  as part of a first ever, “grant in a box experiment”.  A grant template was made, vetted with TRF staff, and then shared with many clubs and districts.   This project was unique in that it really lent itself to be duplicated while satisfying all of the terms and conditions of global grants.   The success has exceeded expectations.
Thank you.

Here is an update of you on the units in service (Download PDF)

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! It’s easy to donate to TRF knowing that fellow Rotarians are accomplishing these kinds of projects.

  2. What a huge, wonderful project. This one brings a tear.

    Even better, the Grant in a Box concept overcomes the (justifiable) hurdles of identifying, preparing and getting approval for grants, which heavily discourage participation by all but the most motivated of clubs and individuals. I hope this model can be applied broadly. Few needs are unique to a single locale and addressing them over wider areas would seem to have more sustainable impact.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with Robert Foster (above comment). Thank you for your leadership, LeAnn. I look forward to many more applications of this model throughout the Rotary world!

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