Great Idea from the Toledo Club

Visiting other clubs is so enlightening (and fun!) Here's a great idea I got there.
Chris Waugh

Chris Waugh

District Governor Nominee and Owner of Leader Support Service, providing business consulting and leadership development.

Visiting other clubs is so enlightening (and fun!) I got up early on Wednesday and went to Toledo to visit their club. They have a lot going on for a small group.

Here’s one idea I took away and want to share with you: Each month Gail Wood reads the Rotary Magazine from cover to cover. She brought it to the meeting and quizzed everyone about some of the content. It a member got the answer right, Gail paid $1 to their scholarship fund. If the member answered wrong, they had to pay the dollar.

What a fun idea – everyone grows by knowing the amazing things that Rotary is up to worldwide.

I encourage you to visit another club and see what you can learn from them.

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