Help Rotary Create Hope with these Three Initiatives

Rotary International President Gordon McInally encourages us to Create Hope in the World through several key initiatives
2023-24 RI President Gordon R. McInally speaks during the closing general session. Rotary International Convention. 31 May 2023. Melbourne, Australia.

Our amazing global network of 1.4 million interconnected community leaders share a deep commitment to doing good in the world by making our communities more peaceful, equitable, prosperous, and healthier for all. In the 2023-24 Rotary year ahead, Rotary International President Gordon McInally encourages us to come together to offer our time, talents, and resources to Create Hope in the World through several key initiatives:

Prioritizing Mental Health

Talking about and addressing mental health is important to the well-being of our global community. As part of providing a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive environment for everyone who interacts with us, we also need to create a space where people feel safe. Let´s do our part to help one another feel more supported, advocate for health services, and build bridges to expand access to care by:

  • Erasing stigma associated with discussions of emotional well-being
  • Raising awareness of mental health needs
  • Improve access to mental care services
  • Building Peace through Virtual Exchanges

Rotary has a historic commitment to fostering peace by advancing understanding and goodwill through personal connections. Inspired by what we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, districts are encouraged to incorporate virtual components into more programming, events, and activities. By using technology and enlisting innovative ideas to make connections, we give more people the opportunity to experience our global community.

Adding or maintaining these components in Rotary Friendship Exchanges,

Rotary Youth Exchanges, and other programs will:

  • Give members and participants new ways to experience other cultures, make new friends, and broaden their global awareness
  • Make participation more accessible to people with time, health, or financial considerations
  • Build stronger intercultural communication and understanding, and ultimately foster more stable and peaceful communities

Empowering Women and Girls

By continuing to elevate the voices and unlock the power of girls and women around the world, we can build upon our vision to foster more equitable communities. Encourage your clubs and district to keep finding ways to prioritize the health, well-being, education, economic security, and agency of girls and women.

Visit the Presidential Initiatives page for more information to start or expand your participation in these initiatives.

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