The end of June brings my year as District 5110 Governor to a close. 

The end of June brings my year as District 5110 Governor to a close.  I am humbled and honored to have served in this capacity for Rotary and Rotarians in the past year.  Despite the mitigating circumstances we all faced, our organization is growing and we continue to make a daily impact in the lives of others.  To that end, I offer the following words of gratitude:

THANK YOU to each and every Rotarian in District 5110.  Ordinary members are the unsung heroes, supporting their clubs and making an impact in the world with their time, talent, and treasure.  Without active members, we would not have a district, and the Governor would have nothing to govern.  Rotary owes much to the members in the trenches–serving humanity in multiple ways as people of action.

THANK YOU to the fifteen Assistant Governors who served as critical Rotary liaisons to support area clubs and members.  Assistant Governors are extraordinarily committed Rotarians, well-placed, helping Club Presidents meet goals, engage members, and effectively advance the mission of Rotary.  A special tip of the Rotary hat is extended to Michele Kellison in her role as Executive Assistant Governor

THANK YOU to Club Presidents, including Rotaract and Interact, a truly dedicated group of Rotarians.  They stepped up to the plate in service to members and their communities with leadership, club governance, and member guidance.  The critical element in any influential club is the positive culture established by an energetic club president – we owe a debt of gratitude for their perseverance in the face of the obstacles placed in front of them this past year.

THANK YOU to the District leaders of committees for providing exemplary leadership in steering, coordinating, planning, and organizing specific areas of Rotary to support clubs and members.  The district leadership grid is packed with stalwart individuals devoted to Rotary who work tirelessly to advance membership and humanitarian service.  In particular, Tim Mobley, the district’s Rotary Foundation chair, is to be congratulated for a job exceptionally well done.  Additionally, the Youth Exchange Committee is to be commended for quick action when the green light was given to resume activity after a two-year absence of exchanges.  A special shout-out is extended to Jeff Davis, the team captain and chair of our very successful Celebration Conference in Corvallis.

A FINAL THANK YOU is provided to future and past District Governors for their collective efforts to support members and me this past year with timely advice and valuable insight.  District governance often works quietly behind the scenes, without fanfare, to ensure proper oversight of district operations.  It is a team effort, and I’m grateful for the help of those with institutional and historical knowledge.

I will pass the District Governor baton to District Governor-Elect Aimee Walsh in a ceremony on July 3rd at her home club.  The Rotary theme established for 2022-2023 is “Imagine Rotary.” It comes to us from the first woman Rotary President to guide our great organization, the very competent Jennifer Jones.   I look forward to their leadership as well as continuing the implementation of the Rotary Action plan, an intelligent and logical blueprint for growing Rotary’s impact around the world.  Thank you all for the privilege of serving.