Live From Ukraine, Wednesday Sept 20, Signs for Landmines

meet the people that are saving children’s lives in the middle of the invasion.
Dan Smith

Dan Smith

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Question? Have you ever had a live conversation with anyone in an active war zone? Do you want to experience what it is like to live through an invasion for almost two years? Would you like a simple and inexpensive way to save children’s lives?

Join us live from Ukraine to meet the people that are saving children’s lives in the middle of the invasion.


The Rotary Club of Kharkiv Nadiya (Hope) in Ukraine and the Rotary eClub of the State of Jefferson in Oregon are working to mark the mined areas with signs. This hidden danger is killing and maiming the children and farmers.

Kharkiv is near the front line. It is on the border with Russia and is one of the areas that have been most affected from the beginning of the invasion. The bombs are still falling and over thirty percent of the entire country is covered with landmines.

This rare, powerful, and unforgettable webinar is divided into three twenty minute segments:

(Note: due to the hostile comments we have received lately, the last names are being withheld to protect these Ukrainians.)

First, we will talk live with the Rotary club in Kharkiv.

We will meet Julia, President of the Kharkiv Rotary Club Nadiya. A biochemist and a neuroscientist. personal and team coach. Head of Children’s Projects for Rotary District 2232, Julia is a Member of the Mine Safety and Demining Council of the Kharkiv Region Administration.

Second, we hear from the experts and solders who are risking their lives to put up the signs and remove the landmines.

Ihor, Colonel of the Civil Protection Service, Head of the humanitarian demining and Pyrotechnic works detachment of the Inter-regional Center for Humanitarian Demining and Rapid Response of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Ivan, Lieutenant Colonel, Head of the Engineering Service of the Road Renovation Regiment of the State Special Transport Service, Chief of Balakliya region demining units.

Oleksandr, Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Deputy Head of Tsyrkuny local administration, Tsyrkuny is a big village in the Kharkiv region, it was occupied and absolutely contaminated by mines.

Then we meet the mothers and children they are protecting.

Khrystyna, participant of the Rotary Resort project, Deputy Head of the “Good Action” NGO, the Main Specialist of the Social, and Economic Development in the Staryi Saltiv Community. Her son is 8 years old. Her house was bombed and destroyed, the forest and the area around the house was mined.

Olga, participant of the Rotary Resort project, pediatrician, nephrologist of the Hospital of Children with cancer. Her daughter is 6 years old. At the beginning of the invasion, she and her family went on duty to the hospital, where they lived in the basement for more than a month. Olga’s parents were under occupation, the area around their house, forest, lake, and ponds were mined.

Nataliya, member of Rotary Club “Kharkiv Nadiya,” Principal of a School near the Balakliya city. It was under occupation, the territories around the school and in the city of Balakliya were mined.

There is so much need in Ukraine; it’s hard to decide where to start.

Buying signs is something that is so simple and inexpensive and is guaranteed to save lives. For as little as $3.00, you can buy a sign. The Ukrainian military will take your sign and mark the dangerous areas.

As Bob Gibson, President of the eClub says, “I would rather pay three dollars for a sign today than pay for a prosthetic leg for a child tomorrow.”

Please join us on September 20 at 11:00am Pacific time for this engaging webinar. Experience live what it is like to live in a war zone from the people who are there.

If you can’t attend but would like to donate and buy some signs, please go to

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