Masks of the World

Explore the artistic, spiritual, and social traditions of worldwide cultures

From mythical creatures to hyperrealistic animals to abstract depictions of gods or concepts, different cultures all over the world and throughout human history have intricate and widely varying mask-making traditions.

We’ll travel around the world and back in time to learn more about the earliest surviving masks made from stones and seashells in preliterate societies to the European conquests that eradicated tribal mask-making traditions on almost every continent.

Come on a global adventure with your friends and fellow Rotarians to explore Second Face – “the only fully online ethnographic mask museum of worldwide scope”.

All are welcome at Eugene Metro, Tuesday night, February 21st at 6 pm Pacific for another night of art, history, and fellowship. Comment below for our permanent Zoom link or join us for dinner at The Davis in downtown Eugene.

Photo credit: Second Face. “Drawing of a mask from the extinct Calusa people, who once inhabited what is now southern Florida, United States but were exterminated by Spanish invaders.”

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