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Updated change Date Notice ! Due to a scheduling issue we have moved the date back a week to January 23 2024 at 10:00am.
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Bruce Allen

District 5110 Membership Chair, District Governor Designate and Past President of the Greater Albany Club

We have moved the Forum back a week to  Tuesday January 23 2024, 10:00am  on a one time base due to a scheduling issue. Invitations have been sent out with the new meeting date.

Our topic next week will be on Member engagement and retention.
We will be discussing topics with regard to how to keep members involved and how to engage new members in your club. There will be a 15-minute presentation and then an open forum with the attendees on best practices and how other clubs a getting it done!

Look forward to seeing everyone there and great input from some club members on what works for them!

Thank you
Bruce Allen
District Membership Chair
[email protected]

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  1. Good morning. This is Donna Davidson with Brookings-Harbor Club. Our president, Janece Payne, recently gave me your information as I am one of two on Membership Committee. I would appreciate if you would add me to your membership broadcasts. Thanks! Unfortunately, I have an appointment scheduled for the 23rd I have not been successful rescheduling. The other committee person has been away with medical procedures until recently. I will see him today at our weekly meeting and will inquire if he is ready to jump back in. Thanks for all you do, looking forward to learning how to grow healthy, happy Club!

    1. Hello Donna
      Thank you for you interest in our Membership Forums, I will definitely get you a link to next week’s meeting! Just make sure that your President or club secretary has you listed in DACdb as the membership chair and the links will go out automatically in the future.
      There is a Rotary 5110 YouTube Channel and the past forums are listed at that site, Here is the link to the last Membership Forum.
      Look forward to seeing you next week!
      Bruce Allen, District 5110 Membership Chair.

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