Membership in a Box Follow Up

Membership in a Box Workshop, YouTube Links now available!
Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen

District 5110 Membership Chair, District Governor Designate and Past President of the Greater Albany Club

Thank you to all on the Rotarians that attended our Membership Workshop this Saturday, I hope you enjoyed the information presented. I also wanted to send a special thank you to Chris Waugh for presenting the Onboarding presentation and Angela Lopez, Zone Membership Coordinator, for her help with the chat information and both for helping make this a successful training event.

Here are the links to our YouTube Videos for those of you  that missed the workshop or interested in reviewing the material.      MIB part 1       MIB Part 2

Please email me directly  if you would like the Power Point Slides sent to you.

Thank you again to all that attended! Its time to start moving the needle on Membership!

Bruce W Allen District 5510 Membership Chair

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  1. There is so much great support to help clubs with their membership. What a great conversation we had at this event. Everyone came home with tools that they can put to immediate use. Thanks for hosting this, Bruce!

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