Membership – Red Badge, Blue Badge

Many clubs are looking for a better way to approach this.
Picture of Chris Waugh

Chris Waugh

District Governor Nominee and Owner of Leader Support Service, providing business consulting and leadership development.

District Membership Chair

Does your Club give red badges to new members and have a process that they follow to earn their blue badge? Some clubs have disbanded that idea and just present a blue badge to new Rotarians. The clubs that use red badges have a wide range of criteria that are necessary to become “blue badges.” Many clubs are looking for a better way to approach this.

Let’s talk about that next Tuesday, May 17th, at the District Membership Forum. It’s at 10 am, and on zoom. We’ll briefly introduce the history of the red badges, and how they’ve evolved. Then we’ll open the discussion up for you to share your challenges, ideas, trials, and solutions. You’ll walk away with some ideas you can try in your Rotary Club.

The District Membership Forum is held every third Tuesday at 10am, and focuses on a topic chosen by the participants. Registration is never necessary – just zoom in to join. Next Monday, the zoom link will be sent to Club Presidents, Presidents-Elect, and Membership Chairs to share with anyone in their club who is interested in m Membership. For more information, contact Christine Waugh.