Mexican Potluck

“I haven’t had that much fun as an adult, in a long, long time!”

By Michelle Corradetti, PP Rotary Club of Medford, AG, Area 10

Rotary fellowship was in full spirit last Friday at Dos Mariposas Vineyards in Medford, Oregon. The Rotary Clubs of Jacksonville and Medford got together for a Mexican Potluck to end the week and mingle with Rotary friends old and new.

A taco pinata was filled with Halloween candy and free wine tastings at Dos Mariposas (FYI, great Cabernet Sauvignon) along with a photo-op station to create silly memories.

Rotary is an amazing organization that can connect like-minded people to help make a positive difference in both local communities and places abroad.

At this gathering, our current Medford Club President, Ray Kistler, was introduced to 2 Jacksonville Rotarians with medical backgrounds that were interested in helping hands-on with our Club’s Global Grant project in Malawi in January of 2023!

The Power of Rotary! John Rennick, President of the Jacksonville Rotary Club and Owner of Dos Mariposas, shared with me, “I haven’t had that much fun as an adult, in a long, long time!”

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