New Rotary Peace Fellow!

Upendo Chitinka is our first candidate from Tanzania to receive a prestigious Rotary Peace Fellowship.

By Carol Fellows

Our Rotary Peace Fellowships Subcommittee is delighted to announce Upendo Chitinka as our first candidate from Tanzania to receive a prestigious Rotary Peace Fellowship. Upendo works for the Global Peace Foundation Tanzania as the Program Manager for Women and Peace.

Our committee found that Upendo has much to offer with a wide ranging realm of work experience. She has coupled her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with her many and varied global trainings in peace and conflict, then spent the last nearly seven years working for NGOs with a focus on gender equality. She founded an active organization whose aim is to prevent violence against women. She has been appointed to the Spotlight Initiative, a project of the UN and the EU, to prevent violence against women.

In her job, she has been a fieldworker developing questions and collecting stories for publication in the conflict-ridden border area of Tanzania and Mozambique. There she has been involved with varied projects including helping to set up an interfaith dialogue for Moslems and Christians and working with others to diffuse tensions between indigenous Maasai and the government which wants to relocate these pastoral people.

She has also taken her feminist perspective into her interest in the arts. Her recommendation from the Nafasi Art Space in Dar es Salaam talks about her work there to help female artisans secure economic independence to lower their risk of gender-based violence as well as other projects.

Upendo’s work has allowed her to conduct capacity-building trainings for youth, women and people with disabilities. We found her personality to emanate openness and non-judgmental qualities, making it easy to imagine how effective her trainings are.

Upendo will attend the Rotary Peace Center at the International Christian University in Tokyo. Our third Rotary Peace Fellow, Nixon Nembaware of Zimbabwe, is a distinguished alumnus of ICU.

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  1. This is fabulous news on the tails of the recent Big West Zones 26/27 Trails to Peace Zone Institute in Salt Lake City!

  2. It makes me proud as a member of Dustrict 5110 to see how active we are in supporting the Rotary Peace Fellowship program. Upendo’s future will bring blessings to the world abd credit to our District.

  3. She is extremely cordial and her knowledge on handling, matters peace ✌️ at an epitome, congratulations from DR WACHIRA NJUGUNA in Kenya. Keep up the good work

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