Next District Membership Forum, May 18, Inclusion and Mentorship

The next District Membership Forum is about Inclusion & Mentor-ship.
Chris Waugh

Chris Waugh

District Governor Nominee and Owner of Leader Support Service, providing business consulting and leadership development.

by Chris Waugh,

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The next District Membership Forum is about Inclusion & Mentor-ship. It will be held Tuesday, May 18th at 10am. Bringing a diverse membership pool into Rotary, and mentoring them so they become a long-lasting part of our work, is key to Rotary’s future success. This is an opportunity for us to learn some new concepts, and share our experience, challenges, and solutions.

This month’s facilitator, Lee Ann Searight (family pictured left), comes highly recommended from Rotary International, where she has been employed for 8 years. A non-Rotarian, Searight brings and outside viewpoint to the membership discussion. She produces webinars and develops resources for members, and currently is in the process of producing a multi-part series on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Searight says she is inspired by the work that members are doing in their communities, and she is passionate about making the world a more just place, one meaningful conversation at a time.

The District Membership Forum is held every third Tuesday at 10am, and focuses on a topic chosen by the participants. Registration is not necessary, and is open to any club member with an interest in membership. Here’s the link for the Forum every month: or dial in at 1 669 900 6833. For more information, contact Chris Waugh or click here.