Paul Chappell Zoom Event, Sept. 17, 2020, 7 p.m. focuses on Peace

by Paul Nicholson

Join fellow Rotarians for the second Rotary Now!/Leading Change event to be held Sept. 17, 2020, at 7 p.m. This facilitated discussion will offered with Paul Chappell, the Director of the Peace Literacy Institute, an initiative of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.  Chappell is a graduate of West Point and veteran of Iraq war.  He created the idea of Peace Literacy after his time in the military, then further developed this topic in a seven-book series, The Road to Peace.  Here he writes about waging peace, ending war, the art of living, and what it means to be human.

Attendees at DisCon 2019 in Coos Bay enjoyed spending time with keynoter Paul Chappell and hearing his inspiring message,”  said Past Rotary District Governor Bill Grile.  Registration for the Zoom conversation is through the calendar on DACdb for Rotarians.  Rotarians may also register a guest on DACdb.

Since 2009, Chappell has offered workshops for educators, activists, community leaders, veterans, and faith-based organizations and has taught courses on Peace Literacy and Leadership in colleges across the US and Canada.

During the session, Chappell will make a presentation on the need to wage peace with the same fervor that nations use to wage war.  He teaches a strategic approach to peacemaking, focusing on and integrating well-being at the personal, social, and political levels.  Chappell will present the basics of Peace Literacy, upending Maslow’s hierarchy of physical needs by highlighting the importance of nine non-physical needs, such as belonging and self-worth, that help us get our physical needs met.

Chappell explains that trauma can become tangled with our non-physical needs with predictable consequences and that a failure to meet these needs is at the root of many personal, local, national, and global problems confronting us today.  Education in Peace Literacy helps us navigate crisis, uncertainty, and rapidly evolving digital technologies in ways that confront the root causes of our global problems, leading toward a more peaceful world.

During the session, he will talk about how to create a more peaceful society, recognizing that to do so we need to be focus on our own health as well as the health of our families.  And as a proud Rotarian, he underscores the value of creating healthy clubs.  He states: “Peace is a skill set, like math, reading, writing etc.”  He sees the work he does as having a ripple effect throughout the community, and looks forward to sharing his ideas with Rotarians of District 5110 and the community.

After his presentation, Chappell will facilitate a conversation about how to apply his concepts in the real world.

SPECIAL BONUS FOR ROTARIANS! The Doorway of Appreciation

Paul’s primary presentation will be followed by a brief and fascinating exploration on “avatar technology” that he believes will lead to a new way of teaching, and perhaps to new ways our club members will interact in the future.  Moving through The Doorway of Appreciation allows us to dissolve hardness in the heart, shows us the joys of perspective, and leads us to stewardship, the highest form of appreciation, all needed steps to a brighter and more peaceful world.