President Elect Training (PETS) to go Virtual

February PNW PETS courses and plenary sessions will all be offered through virtual delivery.

After lengthy and thoughtful meetings of the PNW PETS Board of Directors, the February PNW PETS courses and plenary sessions will all be offered through virtual delivery.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to, and include, those who have not yet registered. Currently, the committee is expanding the schedule for January CORE courses so that those who have not yet registered will be able to have a full PNW-PETS program.  Sessions will still be held for Assistant Governors.

The Presidents-Elect February PRIORITY Courses provide valuable information and interactive opportunities delivered through skilled session leaders.  Every President-Elect and PNW-PETS participant can now be part of the history of Rotary as our featured plenary speaker will be Jennifer Jones, Rotary International’s very first female president.  Jennifer is an incredibly thoughtful and dynamic speaker whose words will undoubtedly inspire and motivate all Presidents-Elect and Rotary leaders.

Recognizing that many of you have already committed the weekend of February 18 to 20 to PNW-PETS, in many respects, this revised delivery will bring with it a ‘gift of time’ and reduced cost.  Rather than anticipating significant travel time and costs, the fee will now be $100 for all registrants except Facilitators, Coaches, and OpCom Members.  If you have already paid a registration fee….all but $100 will be refunded.

Our collective goal continues to be the best possible training for all presidents-elect so that they are fully prepared to guide, support, and lead their Rotary clubs.  Through developed skills, connections made, and an infusion of inspiration, presidents-elect will be eager to serve their clubs and districts.  Rotary leaders, such as Past RI President Barry Rassin, RI Director Vicki Puliz, Director Elect Drew Kessler, or motivational speakers Jordan Harrison and Michael Caruso, will guarantee an enriching Rotary leadership experience for all present.

AS District Leaders, PNW PETS Committee members, and Facilitators we are all looking forward to contributing to a great PETS experience as we learn and grow…together!

Registration Instructions on DACdb:

  1.  Registered and Paid:   You are already registered and will be issued a refund.  $100.00 will be deducted to address Virtual PETS registration
  2.  Registered and Unpaid:  Please remit $100.00 by January 31 noon.
  3. Unregistered and Unpaid: If needed contact [email protected] for a new personalized registration link.   Cost is $100.00.
  4.  Regrets: If you now wish to register for the full plenary sessions….please contact [email protected] for a new personalized registration link.