Redmond Rotary Continues to Serve Its Community

The Rotary Club of Redmond has been all about serving local first responders under Club President Marv Kaplan is recent weeks.

They provided 120 meals to St Charles Hospital and delivered 200 N95 masks to the Redmond Police Department and Redmond Fire and Rescue. Thiswas the first phase of two N95 mask distributions. Each packet of 10 masks had the Rotary Club of Redmond Logo attached which provided branding for not only our club but also  Rotary. Even though we could not enter any of these locations, our presence was felt.

They also funded a joint venture ($1,100) between Tate and Tate Catering and Jericho Road, a non-profit organization providing meals to all those in need. This collaboration fed 170 people with the Rotary dollars.

And late morning Monday, President Marv and his wife  delivered 100 masks to YourCare, which is an urgent care facility here in town.  Talk about Branding and getting Rotary good press. Download this Facebook post_Redmond to learn more about those singing Redmond’s praises.

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