RFE returns from Capetown

The past two weeks have shown us the power of the friendships we form across boundaries and the value of the dollars we donate to The Rotary Foundation. 
By Rae LaMarche
The past two weeks have shown us the power of the friendships we form across boundaries and the value of the dollars we donate to The Rotary Foundation.
Each of 4 clubs (35-40 members each) shared their projects with us.
•We saw babies in the hospital being treated with equipment bought with Global Grant funds.
•We saw Early Child Development programs funded by Global Grants.
•We saw the children of local farmers in schools that teach social skills with Literacy and English (the kids speak Afrikaans) to provide them with hope for a better future.
•We saw a home for developmentally delayed adults, supported by Rotary.
•We saw the children whose parents died of AIDS or who suffer the scars of abuse or neglect.
•We saw children interact with horses as therapy.
As a team we gave school supplies, lanterns (ask me about load shedding), a year of Internet data, and a donation of cash to be used as needed. As a team, we learned about the trials of South African government and its inefficiencies. As a team we laughed with our new friends and shared stories of ourselves and our hosts. And we were awed by the beauty of the Western Cape.
When we read about world needs, our brain responds; when we see the need, our hearts respond.
Please consider a gift to TRF for local and global support. And consider participating in a future Rotary Friendship Exchange.

4 Responses

  1. It is to bad the Rotary Friendship Exchange in our District is not publicized to the clubs as it once was and a select few are chosen to participate.

  2. Vinnie,
    I am sorry you feel this way. In fact, these exchanges have been shared weekly in this e-newsletter format for months on end. Additionally, the program is announced at all conferences. I personally shared it with my club innumerable times. I hope you will have the opportunity to travel with an upcoming Rotary Friendship Exchange.

  3. Vinnie, please suggest additional ways to communicate. We have an RFE committee with members all over the district. Exchange opportunities are shared with them and we ask them to announce to local clubs. We communicate on this website as there is an RFE section. We actively tried to recruit additional members to this team at the District conference. ANY ROTARIAN in the district can apply for any exchange opportunity. One-half of this exchange group – this was their first exchange. Please share all this with your club and hope you can join us in the future. Also we actively recruit ideas for exchanges so anyone can email or call me with exchange partners in the world and we will work actively to make it happen.

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